Recognizing that housing affordability is vital to sustainable communities, the Housing Hub of New Brunswick (HHNB) partners to drive housing development across all of New Brunswick. Through a disciplined approach and a focus on execution, the HHNB combines relevant stakeholder resources, connections, and experience to expand development of housing projects that are diverse, inclusive, and sustainable.

If you’re a stakeholder who wants to participate in the development of complete communities in New Brunswick, check out our current initiatives here.

Our promise

We believe that a thriving inventory of housing is vital to the sustainable growth of New Brunswick and the fulfillment of individuals, families, and communities. The Housing Hub of New Brunswick is building housing that meets the needs of households and communities in the province. Improving the housing landscape across New Brunswick will create an environment that empowers individuals and establishes a sense of belonging and ownership in their communities.

As an organization, we promise to:

  1. Be open and transparent with our stakeholders and New Brunswickers.
  2. Leverage our relationships with stakeholders to move projects from concept
    to completion.
  3. Share and inspire innovation for best practices in each project.
  4. Lead with knowledge, experience, compassion, and capital.
  5. Execute and get projects built.


Want to build housing in your NB community and not sure where to start? We can help!

You can reach us in any of the following ways:

Mailing address:
171 Adelaide St,
Saint John, NB
E2K 1W9

Telephone: 506-501-4450

You can also join our mailing list by filling out the form here